The National Economy
When it comes to the economy, the collection industry is a multi-billion-dollar player. That’s according to a new study by ACA International, which examined the economic impact that collection agencies are having across the nation. For clients, that economic boost comes in the form of recovered debt, which reached $44.6 billion in 2010. That amounts to nearly $400 per household. That being said, recovered debt doesn’t just benefit clients. Those dollars keep the cost of goods and services down for those of us who do pay. But the collection industry plays a much bigger role in the economy than simply improving businesses’ cash flow. Think jobs. The industry employs more than 148,000 people with an annual payroll of $5 billion. Then there are 153,000 additional jobs that owe their existence to some kind of support service for collection agencies. One final point we thought interesting was charitable giving. The collection industry donated an estimated $85.1 million to charitable causes in 2010, with companies accruing more than 652,000 hours of service. .

About Our Company
DMD was born as a company in 1991 by one woman who by 1991 had already been a successful Director of Collections for a major university for 27yrs. She was credited with reducing the Cohort rate of her university from 65% to a low of just 3.5%. It was because of this incredible success the idea of DMD Financial Services Inc. was launched. Since 1991 we have earned our reputation as “The Compassionate Accounts Receivables Company” we consistently and persistently collect, but we do it with compassion.

At DMD Financial Services Inc. we…

Work on a Contingency basis only (if we do not collect, we do not get paid)
Are fully Bonded and Insured
Are fully compliant with all Federal and State regulations (H.I.P.A.A. and F.D.C.P.A)
Specialize in Cohart Default Rate Reduction
Are experts in Perkins Today we are full service Accounts Receivables Company and we have the collections process down to an art.
We can help you and your company greatly by converting your accounts receivables into dollars.